Definition of zombify in English:


transitive verbtransitive verb zombifies, transitive verb zombifying, transitive verb zombified

[with object]
  • 1(especially in popular fiction) transform into a zombie.

    ‘most of them are zombified at some point in the film’
    • ‘people believed to have the power to zombify a person were widely feared and respected’
    • ‘Two years later, the gang reunited at the Spooky Island amusement park, where vacationing college kids were getting mysteriously zombified.’
    • ‘I'll give the cast the benefit of the doubt since most of them are zombified at some point in the film.’
    • ‘The team fights against zombified humans.’
    • ‘In one cut scene, Steve kills his zombified father in order to protect Claire.’
    • ‘Ana is a nurse whose husband is zombified by the neighbour girl and turns on his wife with incredible speed and ferocity.’
    • ‘The bit where Shaun arrives to rescue his mum from his soon-to-be-zombified dad is just sublime.’
    • ‘The mayhem culminates in a raucous sequence with Jessica climbing into some kind of unholy combine-lawnmower contraption and tearing through legions of zombified former classmates.’
    • ‘Here's another season full of crazed killers, zombified corpses, brutal stabbings, and all the rest of the trappings that the fans enjoy.’
    • ‘The newest games to appear include Pet Sematary, an arcade game based on the movie of the same name, which was in turn an adaptation of a novel in which zombified pets return from the dead.’
    • ‘It's ominous from the very beginning, when you step in the role of a pipsqueak teenager as he tries to evade a zombified cop.’
    1. 1.1 informal Deprive of energy or vitality.
      • ‘she will stare zombified by TV for 20 minutes’
      • ‘I'm insanely proud even though I've had absolutely nothing to do with it - by all rights he should be zombified and silent the amount of TV he's watched throughout my pregnancy.’
      • ‘He turned around to see Pat standing in front of him with the same zombified expression she always has.’
      • ‘If your loved one is zombified, you can't take them home like that, but also recognize that there are some people who cannot be let up from medications.’
      • ‘On the down side I have known friends be zombified layabouts doing absolutely nothing for days on end and really being the most boring people because they are smoking constantly.’
      • ‘And when it comes to problem gamblers, too, let's not tell them they're diseased or zombified.’
      • ‘Our friends politely take their leave and we spend the rest of the night zombifying in front of the telly.’
      • ‘As for the last half a year, well, the amount of beverage I consumed was not as crazy as in my younger years, but still would probably zombify most people.’
      • ‘The notion of zombified masses sitting around accepting Novak's every word has always been a fond one.’
      • ‘With Rock laying out the ghetto-centric beats for these guys to rap over, Soul Survivor II is just the thing to wake up today's zombified rap audience.’
      • ‘There are two stories set in dystopian futures - one of them a hi-tech world of zombified clones, the other a post-apocalyptic stone age.’
      • ‘A zombified society, passively allowing itself to be hypnotised by every cunning conman with a used monster to sell.’
      • ‘A chilling hospital scene depicts zombified patients walking up and down a small corridor in rhythmic despair, pushing their IV stands and furiously puffing away on their oral fixatives.’
      • ‘However, should ISPs be legally liable for their zombified customers?’
      • ‘One could look forward to vacation, sleeping most of the day, drowsing along in a overwarm, zombified preteen state.’
      • ‘But he got enough work done in class in a zombified mid-sleep state that it didn't really matter.’
      • ‘Sure those are the tired hits, but they were also the tunes an otherwise zombified crowd actually started dancing to.’



/ˈzämbəˌfī/ /ˈzɑmbəˌfaɪ/