Definition of zone out in English:

zone out

phrasal verb

informal North American
  • Fall asleep or lose concentration or consciousness.

    • ‘I just zoned out for a moment’
    • ‘Liz was already sitting there, front row centre among the geeks, yet she seemed to have, once again, zoned out and fallen asleep.’
    • ‘He sings Otis Redding's ‘Try a Little Tenderness’ and it's so boring I zone out and my eyeballs fall out.’
    • ‘This does more harm than good, as we tend to lose the thread and zone out.’
    • ‘I was zoning out a little from the heat but Jill Sobule's set brought me right back to earth.’
    • ‘It is not the sort of cd I could listen to and just zone out to.’
    • ‘Do they zone out in church and only catch half the sermon or what?’
    • ‘In between I collapse back onto the pillow, eyes closed and completely zone out while I wait for the next one.’
    • ‘You've been zoning out all day long, what's the problem?’
    • ‘We had been studying logarithms, and I had been zoning out.’
    • ‘Just zoning out in a bath from 20 minutes to an hour can be a wonderful home-spa experience all by itself, relaxing and private.’
    fall asleep, go to sleep, drop off