Synonyms of accompany in English:


See definition of accompany


1‘I often accompanied my father on his business trips’

go with, go along with, travel with, keep someone company, tag along with, partner, escort, chaperone, attend, follow, conduct, lead, take, show, see, guide, steer, usher, pilot, convoy, help, assist, show someone the way
lead the way
Scottish chum
rare company, bear someone company, companion

2‘the illness is often accompanied by nausea’

occur with, co-occur with, coincide with, coexist with, go with, go along with, go together with, go hand in hand with, appear with
be associated with, be connected with, be linked with, attend, be concomitant with, supplement, complement, belong to
be caused by, result from, arise from, follow, be a consequence of

3‘he accompanied the choir on the piano’

back, play a musical accompaniment for, play with, play for, support