Synonyms of account for in English:

account for

See definition of account for


1‘they must account for the delay’

explain, give an explanation, come up with an explanation, explain away, answer for, give reasons for, rationalize, provide a rationale for, show grounds for, elucidate, illuminate, clear up
defend, vindicate, justify, excuse, make excuses for, make acceptable
rare extenuate

2‘excise duties account for over half the price of Scotch’

constitute, make up, comprise, form, compose, be responsible for, represent, supply, provide, give

3‘its awe-inspiring whirlpool has accounted for many sailors’ lives’

dispose of, finish off, make an end of, deal with, put paid to, take care of, clear up, mop up, eliminate, kill, destroy, dispatch, put out of action, incapacitate