Synonyms of adapt in English:


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1‘we've adapted the hotels to suit their needs’

modify, alter, make alterations to, change, adjust, make adjustments to, convert, transform, redesign, restyle, refashion, remodel, reshape, revamp, rework, redo, reconstruct, reorganize
customize, tailor
improve, make improvements to, amend, refine
informal tweak


2‘he has adapted well to his new home’

adjust, acclimatize, accommodate, attune, habituate, acculturate, conform
familiarize oneself with, habituate oneself to, become habituated to, get used to, orient oneself in, condition oneself to
reconcile oneself to, resign oneself to, become resigned to, come to terms with, find one's way around
become naturalized, become seasoned, get one's bearings, find one's feet, blend in, fit in
North American acclimate