Synonyms of administration in English:


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1‘the administration of the army was divided between a number of bodies’

management, managing, direction, directing, command, commanding, control, controlling, charge, conduct, conducting, operation, regulation, regulating, handling, running, leadership, government, governing, superintendence, supervision, supervising, overseeing, oversight, orchestration, orchestrating, guidance, care
archaic regiment

2‘the ministers had also been part of the previous Labour administration’

government, cabinet, ministry, regime, executive, authority, directorate, council, leadership, management
parliament, congress, senate
rule, term of office, incumbency
informal top brass

3‘the administration of anti-inflammatory drugs’

dispensation, dispensing, delivering, issuing, giving, provision, providing, application, applying, discharge, allotment, distribution, apportionment, apportioning, dealing out, handing out, meting out, measuring out, doling out, disbursement, disbursing, bestowal
infliction, inflicting, imposition, imposing, enforcement, enforcing, exacting, execution, exercise, effectuation