Synonyms of apply in English:


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1‘more than 3,000 people had applied for the jobs’

put in an application, put in, try, bid, appeal, petition, make an entreaty, sue, register, audition
inquire after, request, seek, solicit, claim, ask for, try to obtain

2‘the Act did not apply to Scotland’

be relevant, have relevance to, have a bearing on, bear on, appertain, pertain, relate, concern, be concerned with, have to do with
be pertinent, be significant, be apt, be apposite, be appropriate, be fitting, be germane
affect, involve, cover, deal with, touch

3‘she applied ointment to the survivors' burns and bruises’

put on, rub in, spread, smear, cover with, work in

4‘a firm, steady pressure should be applied’

exert, administer, implement, use, exercise, employ, utilize, practise, put into practice, execute, prosecute, enact, carry out, put to use, bring into effect, bring into play, bring to bear


    apply oneself

    ‘if he applied himself he could be the best in the world’


    be diligent, be industrious, be assiduous, show commitment, show dedication

    work hard, study hard, exert oneself, make an effort, spare no effort, try hard, do one's best, give one's all, buckle down, buckle to, put one's shoulder to the wheel, keep one's nose to the grindstone

    strive, endeavour, struggle, labour, toil

    pay attention, be attentive, commit oneself, devote oneself

    persevere, persist


    put one's back in it, knuckle down, use some elbow grease, get stuck in