Synonyms of assault in English:


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1‘he pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer’

hit, strike, physically attack, aim blows at, slap, smack, beat, thrash, spank, thump, thwack, punch, cuff, swat, knock, rap
pummel, pound, batter, pelt, welt
cane, lash, whip, club, cudgel, box someone's ears
informal clout, wallop, belt, whack, bash, clobber, bop, biff, sock, deck, slug, plug, knock about, knock around, knock into the middle of next week, lay into, do over, rough up
Australian, New Zealand informal quilt
literary smite

2‘they left their position to assault the hill’

attack, make an assault on, launch an attack on, assail, pounce on, set upon, launch oneself at, strike at, fall on, swoop on, rush, storm, besiege

3‘she was assaulted after being drugged’

rape, sexually assault, molest, interfere with


1‘he was charged with assault’

violence, physical violence, battery, mugging, actual bodily harm, ABH
violent act, physical attack
sexual assault, sexual misconduct, molesting, sexual interference, rape
British grievous bodily harm, GBH

2‘troops began an assault on the city’

attack, strike, onslaught, offensive, storming, charge, drive, push, thrust, invasion, bombardment, sortie, sally, foray, incursion, raid, act of war, act of aggression, blitz, campaign