Synonyms of be in English:


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1‘there was this boy who lived next door’

exist, have being, have existence
live, be alive, have life, breathe, draw breath, be extant, be viable

2‘what theatres will there be for them to visit?’

be present, be around, be available, be near, be nearby, be at hand

3‘the trial is tomorrow’

occur, happen, take place, come about, arise, crop up, transpire, fall, materialize, ensue
literary come to pass, befall, betide

4‘Pat was on the sofa in the living room’

be situated, be located, be found, be present, be set, be positioned, be placed, be installed

5‘after she'd been there a couple of hours she ordered a drink’

remain, stay, wait, linger
hold on, hang on
last, continue, survive, endure, persist, prevail, obtain

6‘I'm at college’

attend, go to, be present, take part
frequent, haunt, patronize

7‘tickets are £15’

cost, be priced at, sell for, be valued at, fetch, come to
informal set one back, go for

8‘one and one is two’

amount to, come to, add up to, run to, number, make, total, equal, be equal to, be equivalent to, comprise, represent
British tot up to