Synonyms of beating in English:


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1‘he received a near fatal beating’

battering, thrashing, thumping, pounding, pummelling, drubbing, slapping, smacking, hammering, hitting, striking, punching, knocking, thwacking, cuffing, buffeting, boxing, mauling, pelting, lambasting
assault, attack
flaying, whipping, lashing, cudgelling, clubbing, birching
corporal punishment, chastisement
informal beating-up, duffing-up, doing-over, belting, bashing, pasting, walloping, whacking, clobbering, slugging, tanning, biffing, bopping, hiding

2‘she could hear the beating of her heart’

pulsation, pulsating, pulse, pulsing, palpitating, throb, reverberation, reverberating
pumping, pounding, thumping, thudding, hammering, drumming
pitter-patter, pit-a-pat

3‘a 5–1 beating at the hands of their rivals’

defeat, loss, conquest, vanquishing, trouncing, routing, overthrow, downfall
informal licking, thrashing, clobbering