Synonyms of beg in English:


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1‘he scavenged and begged when that was the only way to stay alive’

ask for money, solicit money, seek charity, seek alms
informal sponge, cadge, scrounge, bum, touch someone for money
British informal scab
Scottish informal sorn on someone
North American informal mooch
Australian, New Zealand informal bludge

2‘we begged for mercy and he let us live’

ask for, request, plead for, appeal for, call for, sue for, solicit, seek, look for, press for
rare impetrate

3‘he begged her not to leave him’

beseech, entreat, implore, adjure, plead with, appeal to, pray to
ask, request, call on, petition, apply to
importune, exhort, enjoin, press
rare obsecrate