Synonyms of crown in English:


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1‘he placed the crown on the new monarch's head’

coronet, diadem, tiara, circlet, chaplet, fillet, wreath, garland, headband
literary coronal
historical taj

2‘she won the world indoor singles crown’

title, award, accolade, honour, distinction, glory, kudos
trophy, cup, medal, plate, shield, belt, prize
laurels, bays, palm, wreath, laurel wreath, victor's garland

3‘his family were loyal servants of the Crown’

monarch, sovereign, king, queen, emperor, empress, tsar, tsarina, prince, princess, potentate, head of state, leader, chief, ruler, lord, overlord
monarchy, sovereignty, royalty
informal royals

4‘she paused at the crown of the hill’

top, crest, summit, peak, pinnacle, tip, head, brow, cap, brink, highest point, zenith, apex, ridge
aiguille, serac



1‘David II was crowned at Scone in 1331’

invest, induct, install, instate, ordain, initiate, inaugurate, enthrone, swear in

2‘a valuable teaching post at Harvard University crowned his career’

round off, top off, cap, be the culmination of, be the climax of, be a fitting climax to, add the finishing touch to, add the finishing touches to, perfect, consummate, complete, conclude

3‘the steeple is crowned by a gilded weathercock’

top, cap, tip, head, surmount, overtop

4‘someone crowned him with a poker’

hit over the head, hit on the head, hit, strike, buffet, bang, knock, thwack, slug, welt, cuff, punch, smash
concuss, stun
informal brain, skull, bop, clonk, clout, sock, biff, wallop, bash, plug, lam, deck, floor
British informal clock, cosh, slosh, dot, stick one on someone
North American informal bean, conk, ding, boff, bust, whale
Australian, New Zealand informal dong, quilt
archaic smite, swinge