Synonyms of drunk in English:


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1‘they went to a pub and got drunk’

intoxicated, inebriated, drunken, befuddled, incapable, tipsy, the worse for drink, under the influence, maudlin
blind drunk, dead drunk, rolling drunk, roaring drunk, drunk as a lord, as drunk as a lord, drunk as a skunk, as drunk as a skunk
sottish, tippling, toping, gin-soaked
informal tight, merry, the worse for wear, woozy, pie-eyed, three sheets to the wind, two sheets to the wind, under the table, plastered, smashed, wrecked, sloshed, soused, well oiled, sozzled, blotto, blitzed, canned, stewed, pickled, tanked, tanked up, soaked, bombed, hammered, blasted, off one's face, out of one's head, out off one's head, out of one's skull, wasted, wired, in one's cups, reeling, cock-eyed, zonked, guttered, fuddled, stinko, ratted
British informal legless, steaming, bevvied, paralytic, Brahms and Liszt, half cut, out of it, having had a skinful, bladdered, trolleyed, well away, squiffy, tiddly, out of one's box, having had one over the eight, cut, steamed, mullered, slaughtered, lashed
British vulgar slang pissed, as pissed as a fart, as pissed as a newt, rat-arsed, arseholed
Scottish informal fou
North American informal loaded, trashed, crock, juiced, sauced, squiffed, swacked, strung out, liquored up, out of one's gourd, in the bag, zoned, blitzed, ripped
US informal turnt
Scottish, Australian informal full
North American, Australian, New Zealand informal shickered, shot
Australian, New Zealand informal grogged up, as full as a goog, inked
New Zealand informal munted
South African informal lekker
euphemistic tired and emotional
informal, dated stoned, lit up, as tight as a tick
British informal, dated half seas over, pixilated
British offensive monged, monged out
archaic sotted, besotted, foxed, screwed
rare crapulent, crapulous, inebriate, bibulous, ebrious, ebriose, ebriate



1‘a drunk lay slumped against a wall’

drunkard, inebriate, drinker, imbiber, tippler, sot
heavy drinker, hard drinker, serious drinker, problem drinker
alcoholic, dipsomaniac, chronic alcoholic, alcohol abuser, alcohol addict, person with a drink problem
informal boozer, soak, lush, wino, alky, sponge, elbow-bender, barfly, tosspot
US informal juicehead
Australian, New Zealand informal hophead, metho
archaic toper
vulgar slang pisshead, piss artist