Synonyms of endless in English:


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1‘she was a caring woman with endless energy’

unlimited, limitless, infinite, inexhaustible, boundless, unbounded, untold, immeasurable, measureless, incalculable, inestimable
abundant, abounding, great
ceaseless, unceasing, unending, without end, everlasting, constant, continuous, continual, interminable, unfading, unfailing, perpetual, eternal, enduring, lasting, round-the-clock
informal loads of, stacks of, heaps of, masses of, oodles of, bags of

limited, transient

2‘as children we played endless games’

countless, innumerable, untold, legion, numberless, unnumbered, numerous, very many, manifold, multitudinous, multifarious
a great number of, countless numbers of, infinite numbers of, a multitude of, a multiplicity of, more than one can count, too many to be counted
informal umpteen, no end of, loads of, stacks of, heaps of, masses of, oodles of, scads of, zillions of
North American informal gazillions of, bazillions of
literary myriad, divers
rare innumerous, unnumberable


3‘the tobacco moves through the machine on an endless belt’

continuous, unbroken, uninterrupted, never-ending, without end, non-stop