Synonyms of eyeful in English:


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1‘did you get an eyeful of that?’

look at, peep at, peek at, glimpse of, view of, stare at, gaze at, gape at, ogle at, glance at
examination of, inspection of, scan of, survey of, study of
sight of
informal gander at, load of, squint at
British informal dekko at, shufti at, butcher's at
Australian, New Zealand informal geek at, squiz at

2‘if you don't mind me saying, you're quite an eyeful’

beautiful sight, vision, joy to behold, picture, dream, sensation, beauty, dazzler
belle, beauty queen, goddess, Venus
informal stunner, looker, knockout, sight for sore eyes, bombshell, dish, cracker, smasher, lovely, good-looker, peach, honey, eye-catcher, bit of all right
British informal, dated bobby-dazzler