Synonyms of fence in English:


See definition of fence


1‘she crept through a gap in the fence’

barrier, paling, railing, rail, bar, hurdle, enclosure
wall, hedge, hedgerow, windbreak, groyne, partition
barricade, stockade, palisade, rampart, protection, defence
rare circumvallation

2‘he was an accomplished fence, dealing mainly in jewellery’

receiver of stolen goods, dealer in stolen goods
receiver, dealer, trafficker
informal pusher


1‘they intend to fence off many acres of wild land’

enclose, surround, circumscribe, encircle, circle, encompass, bound, form a barrier around, form a ring round
divide up, section off, separate off, partition off, cut off, cordon off, close off, isolate, segregate, seal, close
literary gird, girdle, engird
rare compass

2‘he needed more wire to fence in his chickens’

confine, pen in, coop up, rail in, box in, wall in, hedge in, hem in, close in, shut in, shut up, mew up, immure, lock in, shut off, separate off, cut off
intern, impound, hold captive, keep under lock and key
enclose, surround, kettle
secure, protect, defend
North American corral

3‘the man fenced but Jim persisted with his questions’

be evasive, be vague, be ambiguous, be non-committal, equivocate, prevaricate, stall, vacillate, quibble, hedge, beat about the bush, dodge the issue, sidestep the issue, parry questions, fudge the issue, mince one's words
informal pussyfoot around, duck the question, duck the issue, waffle, flannel, shilly-shally
rare palter, tergiversate

4‘these fellows fenced for a band of grave robbers’

receive stolen goods, deal in stolen goods


    (sitting) on the fence

    ‘they were on the fence about the whole issue’


    undecided, uncommitted, uncertain, unsure, vacillating, wavering, dithering, hesitant, tentative, doubtful, irresolute, ambivalent, torn, in two minds, in a dilemma, on the horns of a dilemma, in a quandary


    neutral, impartial, non-aligned, non-partisan, unbiased, open-minded


    humming and hawing


    iffy, blowing hot and cold