Synonyms of go through in English:

go through

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1‘no one can imagine what she and the children have gone through’

undergo, experience, face, suffer, be subjected to, live through, endure, brave, bear, tolerate, stand, withstand, put up with, brook, cope with, weather, come in for, receive, sustain
Scottish thole

2‘he went through hundreds of pounds of his mother's money’

spend, use up, run through, get through, expend, consume, exhaust, deplete
waste, fritter away, squander

3‘he went through Susie's bag’

search, look through, hunt through, rummage in, rummage through, rifle through, dig into, ferret in, ferret about in, ferret around in, root about in, root around in, turn inside out
informal frisk, inspect
Australian, New Zealand informal fossick through

4‘it took me three hours to go through the report’

examine, study, scrutinize, inspect, read over, look at, look over, scan, run over, check
analyse, consider, appraise, weigh up, review

5‘the deal has finally gone through’

be completed, be concluded, be brought to a conclusion, be carried through, be brought off, be pulled off
be approved, be signed, be rubber-stamped