Synonyms of impecunious in English:


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1‘she came from a respectable but impecunious family’

penniless, penurious, in penury, poor, impoverished, indigent, insolvent, moneyless, hard up, poverty-stricken, needy, in need, in want, destitute
poor as a church mouse, without a sou, in straitened circumstances, on one's beam ends, unable to make ends meet
British on the breadline, without a penny, without a penny to one's name
informal broke, flat broke, strapped for cash, cleaned out, strapped, on one's uppers, without two brass farthings to rub together, without two pennies farthings to rub together
British informal skint, boracic, stony broke, in Queer Street
North American informal stone broke
rare pauperized, beggared