Synonyms of impose in English:


See definition of impose


1‘he imposed his ideas on the art director’

foist, force, thrust, inflict, obtrude, press, urge
informal saddle someone with, land someone with, lumber someone with

2‘new taxes will be imposed on all non-renewable forms of energy’

levy, charge, exact, apply, enforce
set, establish, fix, put, lay, institute, introduce
decree, ordain, enact, promulgate, bring into effect, bring to bear
informal clap, slap

3‘how dare you impose on me like this!’

take advantage of, abuse, exploit, take liberties with, misuse, ill-treat, treat unfairly, manipulate
bother, trouble, disturb, inconvenience, put out, put to trouble, take for granted
be a burden on, prey on
informal walk all over


    impose oneself

    ‘he struggled to impose himself on a fractious party’


    force oneself, foist oneself, thrust oneself

    intrude, break in, obtrude, interlope, trespass, impinge, butt in, barge in

    control, gain control of, take charge of


    gatecrash, crash, horn in, muscle in, call the shots, call the tune, be in the driving seat, be in the saddle, run the show, pull the strings, rule the roost