Synonyms of knave in English:


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1‘don't let yourself by hoodwinked by that knave’

scoundrel, rogue, villain, rascal, good-for-nothing, wretch, ne'er-do-well, unprincipled person, reprobate, scapegrace, wrongdoer, evil-doer, charlatan, cheat, swindler, fraudster
informal swine, louse, hound, cur, rat, scumbag, wrong'un, bastard, beast, son of a bitch, SOB, skunk, nasty piece of work, ratbag
British informal scrote
Irish informal spalpeen, sleeveen
North American informal fink, rat fink
West Indian informal scamp
Northern English informal scally
informal, dated cad, heel, rotter, bounder, bad egg, dastard, stinker, blighter
archaic blackguard, miscreant, varlet, vagabond, rapscallion, whoreson