Synonyms of liaison in English:


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1‘the Bank of England works in very close liaison with the Treasury’

cooperation, contact, association, connection, collaboration
communication, interchange, affiliation, alliance, partnership, link, linkage, tie-up, hook-up

2‘Dave was my White House liaison and all-round troubleshooter’

intermediary, mediator, middleman, contact, contact man, contact person, contact woman, link, linkman, linkwoman, linkperson, go-between, representative, agent, interceder, factor

3‘she abandoned her loyalty to her absent husband in favour of a liaison with William’

love affair, affair, relationship, romance, attachment, fling, intrigue, amour, affair of the heart, involvement, amorous entanglement, romantic entanglement, entanglement
flirtation, dalliance
informal hanky-panky
British informal bit on the side, carry-on