Synonyms of make something out in English:

make something out

See definition of make someone/something out


1‘I could just make out a figure in the distance’

see, discern, distinguish, perceive, pick out, detect, notice, observe, recognize, catch sight of, glimpse, discover
literary descry, espy, behold

2‘he couldn't make out what she was saying’

understand, comprehend, follow, grasp, fathom, work out, figure out, make sense of, interpret, decipher, make head or tail of, get, get the drift of, catch
British informal suss out

3‘she made out that he was violent’

allege, claim, assert, declare, maintain, affirm, aver, suggest, imply, hint, insinuate, indicate, intimate, impute, make as if, make as though, pretend

4‘how do you make that out?’

demonstrate, show to be true, establish, substantiate, prove, verify, validate, authenticate, corroborate

5‘he made out a receipt for $20’

write out, fill out, fill in, complete, draw up, draft, inscribe