Synonyms of make something up in English:

make something up

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1‘women make up 56 per cent of the student body’

comprise, form, compose, constitute, account for

2‘he brought another girl with him to make up a foursome’

complete, round off, finish

3‘the pharmacist made up the prescription’

prepare, mix, concoct, put together

4‘I'll have to make up an excuse’

invent, fabricate, concoct, dream up, think up, hatch, trump up
devise, manufacture, formulate, frame, construct, coin
informal cook up

5‘she made up her face carefully’

apply cosmetics to, apply make-up to, powder, rouge
informal put on one's face, do one's face, paint one's face, tart oneself up, do oneself up, apply one's warpaint, doll oneself up