Synonyms of offhand in English:


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1‘an offhand comment that she regretted almost immediately’

indifferent, casual, careless, uninterested, unconcerned, cool, distant, aloof, nonchalant, blasé, insouciant, offhanded, cavalier, glib, perfunctory, cursory, unceremonious, ungracious, curt, abrupt, terse, brusque, dismissive, discourteous, uncivil, impolite, rude
impromptu, off-the-cuff, spontaneous, extempore, unpremeditated, extemporaneous, unthinking, unstudied
informal off, offish, couldn't-care-less, take-it-or-leave-it
rare pococurante


1‘I can't think of a better answer offhand’

without preparation, on the spur of the moment, without consideration, without checking, extempore, impromptu, ad lib
extemporaneously, without rehearsal, spontaneously
ad libitum
informal off the cuff, off the top of one's head, just like that, at the drop of a hat