Synonyms of on one's uppers in English:

on one's uppers

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1‘far from being on their uppers, people approaching retirement today are better off than their parents' generation’

penniless, impoverished, poverty-stricken, poor, destitute, impecunious, indigent, down and out, pauperized, without a penny to one's name, without two farthings to rub together, without two pennies to rub together
insolvent, ruined
needy, in need, in want, hard up, on the breadline, hard-pressed, in reduced circumstances, in straitened circumstances, deprived, disadvantaged, distressed, badly off
beggarly, beggared
informal up against it, broke, flat broke, strapped, strapped for cash, without a brass farthing, without a bean, without a sou, as poor as a church mouse, on one's beam-ends
British informal stony broke, skint, boracic, boracic lint
North American informal stone broke, without a red cent, on skid row
formal penurious