Synonyms of on the face of it in English:

on the face of it

See definition of on the face of it


1‘on the face of it, the government's decision is the height of folly’

ostensibly, to the casual eye, at face value, to all appearances, from appearances, to go by appearances, to judge by appearances, to all intents and purposes, at first glance, on the surface, superficially
apparently, seemingly, evidently, outwardly, it seems, it seems that, it would seem, it would seem that, it appears, it appears that, it would appear, it would appear that, as far as one knows, as far as one can see, as far as one can tell, by all accounts, so it seems
so the story goes, so I'm told, so it appears, so it seems, so it would appear, so it would seem
allegedly, supposedly, reputedly