Synonyms of outfit in English:


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1‘I haven't had a chance to wear this outfit yet’

costume, suit, uniform, ensemble, habit, attire, clothes, clothing, dress, garb
regalia, regimentals, rig, livery
accoutrements, trappings, disguise
British kit, strip
informal get-up, gear, togs, garms
British informal rig-out
formal apparel
literary array, raiment

2‘many photographers require an easy-to-use studio lighting outfit’

kit, equipment, tools, utensils, implements, tackle, apparatus, paraphernalia, things, stuff
rare turnout

3‘the company has no intention of setting up a local manufacturing outfit in the UK’

organization, set-up, enterprise, company, firm, partnership, house, business, group, band, body, crew, team, coterie, clique
unit, formation, corps, commando, cadre, squad, squadron, patrol, troop, platoon, detachment


1‘there were enough swords and suits of armour to outfit an army’

equip, kit out, fit out, fit up, rig out, supply, issue, furnish with, provide, provision, stock, arm
dress, attire, clothe, robe, costume, garb, deck out, drape, array, accoutre, get up, turn out, trick out, trick up
informal doll up
literary bedizen, caparison
archaic apparel, invest, habit, trap out