Synonyms of panic in English:


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1‘she felt a wave of panic’

alarm, anxiety, nervousness, fear, fright, trepidation, dread, terror, horror, agitation, hysteria, consternation, perturbation, dismay, disquiet, apprehension, apprehensiveness
informal flap, fluster, state, cold sweat, funk, tizzy, tizz
North American informal swivet

calm, calmness


1‘there's no need to panic’

be alarmed, be scared, be nervous, be afraid, overreact, become panic-stricken, take fright, be filled with fear, be terrified, be agitated, be hysterical, lose one's nerve, be perturbed, get overwrought, get worked up, fall to pieces, go to pieces, lose control, fall apart
informal flap, get in a flap, lose one's cool, get the jitters, get into a tizz, get into a tizzy, run around like a headless chicken, freak, freak out, get in a stew, get the willies, get the heebie-jeebies, get the screaming heebie-jeebies
British informal get the wind up, go into a spin, go into a flat spin, have kittens, lose one's bottle, throw a wobbly, have an attack of the wobblies

2‘talk of love panicked her’

frighten, alarm, scare, unnerve, fill with panic, agitate, horrify, terrify
informal throw into a tizz, throw into a tizzy, freak, freak out, spook
British informal put the wind up