Synonyms of paralyse in English:


See definition of paralyse


1‘both of his legs were temporarily paralysed’

disable, immobilize, make powerless, render powerless, incapacitate, debilitate, numb, deaden, benumb, dull
rare obtund, torpefy

2‘Maisie seemed to have been paralysed by the sight of him’

immobilize, transfix, become rooted to the spot, freeze, stun, render motionless, become horror-stricken, become horror-struck, petrify
rare gorgonize

3‘the regional capital was paralysed by a general strike’

bring to a standstill, immobilize, bring to a halt, bring to a grinding halt, halt, stop, freeze, cripple, disable, put out of action, put out of commission, render inoperative, deactivate
rare disenable