Synonyms of pick holes in in English:

pick holes in

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1‘it's really not too difficult to pick holes in the plan’

find fault with, criticize, attack, condemn
disparage, denigrate, deride, belittle, run down, complain about, quibble about, carp about, cavil at, scoff at, moan about, grouse about, grouch about, grumble about, whine about
Northern English twine about
informal knock, bad-mouth, do down, gripe about, beef about, bellyache about, bitch about, nitpick over, sound off about, pull to pieces
British informal whinge about, slag off, have a go at, rubbish



1‘the judge picked holes in the prosecution's case’

find fault with, quarrel with, fault, criticize, argue against, argue with, take exception to, attack, take issue with, find lacking, impugn, contradict, dispute, rebut, complain about, cavil at, carp at, object to, be hostile to
informal knock
formal gainsay
rare controvert