Synonyms of quantity in English:


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1‘the quantity of food collected’

amount, number, total, aggregate, sum, quota, group, size, mass, weight, volume, bulk, load, consignment, expanse, extent, length, area
quantum, proportion, portion, part
dose, dosage

2‘police divers recovered a quantity of ammunition’

an amount, a number, a good few, a good number, a lot, a large amount, good deal, great deal, a good deal, a great deal
quite a number, scores, many, considerable amounts, plenty
several, numerous, countless, innumerable, ample, copious, abundant, plentiful, considerable, substantial
informal a pile, piles, oodles, tons, lots, loads, heaps, masses, stacks, scads, bags, more … than one can shake a stick at
British informal lashings, a shedload, shedloads
North American informal gobs
vulgar slang a shitload