Synonyms of recover in English:


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1‘he's still recovering from a heart attack’

recuperate, get better, get well, convalesce, regain one's strength, regain one's health, get stronger, get back on one's feet, feel oneself again, get back to normal, return to health
be on the mend, be on the road to recovery, pick up, rally, respond to treatment, make progress, improve, heal, take a turn for the better, turn the corner, get out of the woods, get over something, shake something off, pull through, bounce back, revive
British pull round
informal perk up

deteriorate, worsen, go downhill

2‘the FTSE 100 share index recovered to end the day down 30.5 points’

rally, improve, pick up, make a recovery, rebound, bounce back, come back, make a comeback

3‘around £385,000-worth of the stolen material had now been recovered’

retrieve, regain, regain possession of, get back, win back, take back, recoup, reclaim, repossess, recapture, retake, redeem
find, find again, track down, trace
claw back
replevin, replevy
rare recuperate


4‘gold coins and bars recovered from the wreck of a seventeenth-century galleon’

salvage, save, rescue, retrieve, reclaim, redeem


    recover oneself

    ‘she recovered herself, grateful that he had not noticed how nervous she had been’


    pull oneself together, regain one's composure, regain one's self-control, regain control of oneself, take a hold of oneself, steady oneself


    get a grip, get a grip on oneself, get one's act together, snap out of it