Synonyms of relieve in English:


See definition of relieve


1‘a battery-powered device which helps relieve pain’

alleviate, mitigate, assuage, allay, soothe, soften, palliate, appease, ease, dull, reduce, lessen, diminish


2‘his studies helped to relieve the boredom’

counteract, reduce, alleviate, mitigate, brighten, lighten, sweeten, bring respite to, make something bearable
interrupt, punctuate, vary, break up, stop, bring an end to, cure, dispel

exacerbate, emphasize

3‘there was no shortage of helpers to relieve us for breaks’

replace, take over from, take the place of, stand in for, act as stand-in for, fill in for, substitute for, act as a substitute for, deputize for, be a proxy for, cover for, provide cover for, act as locum for, hold the fort for, do something in someone's place, do something in someone's stead

4‘this relieves the teacher of a heavy load of formal teaching’

free from, free of, set free from, release from, liberate from, exempt from, excuse from, absolve from, let off, extricate from, discharge from, unburden of, disburden of, disencumber of
deliver from, rescue from, save from
rare disembarrass of

put an extra burden on


    relieve oneself


    go to the toilet, go to the lavatory, excrete

    urinate, pass water, wet one's bed, wet one's pants, wet oneself

    cock its leg, lift its leg

    defecate, discharge faeces, excrete faeces, pass faeces, have a bowel movement, have a BM, evacuate one's bowels, open one's bowels, void excrement


    go, do it, spend a penny, have a leak, take a leak, shake hands with an old friend, answer the call of nature, pee, pee oneself, pee one's pants, piddle, have a piddle, widdle, have a widdle, tinkle, have a tinkle, do number two, do a pooh, do a whoopsie

    British informal

    go to the loo, wee, have a wee, wee-wee, have a Jimmy, have a Jimmy Riddle, have a slash, have a wazz

    North American informal

    whizz, take a whizz

    vulgar slang

    piss, have a piss, crap, have a crap, shit, have a shit, dump, have a dump