Synonyms of rip off in English:

rip off

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1‘if our guests felt they'd been ripped off, we'd hear about it’

swindle, fleece, cheat, defraud, deceive, trick, dupe, hoodwink, double-cross, gull
exploit, take advantage of, victimize
informal do, diddle, con, bamboozle, rob, shaft, sting, have, bilk, rook, gyp, finagle, flimflam, put one over on, pull a fast one on, take for a ride, lead up the garden path, sell down the river, pull the wool over someone's eyes
North American informal sucker, snooker, goldbrick, gouge, stiff, give someone a bum steer
Australian informal pull a swifty on
archaic cozen, chicane, sell