Synonyms of sift in English:


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1‘sift the flour into a large bowl’

sieve, strain, screen, filter, riddle, purify, refine, winnow
archaic bolt, griddle

2‘we first sift out those applications which are unlikely to succeed’

separate out, filter out, sort out, isolate, divide, part, segregate, put to one side, weed out, get rid of, remove

3‘crash investigators have been sifting through the wreckage’

search through, look through, rummage through, root about in, root around in, ferret in, ferret about in, ferret around in, poke around in, go through, turn over, explore, examine, inspect, scrutinize, pore over, investigate, conduct investigations into, inquire into, conduct an inquiry into, delve into, go into, analyse, screen, sieve, probe, dissect, review, assess
British informal rootle around in
Australian, New Zealand informal fossick through
rare roust around in