Synonyms of suck in English:


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1‘they sucked mint juleps through straws’

sip, sup, siphon, slurp, draw, drink, gulp, lap, guzzle, quaff, swill, swallow, imbibe

2‘Fran sucked in a deep breath’

draw, pull, breathe, gasp, sniff, gulp
inhale, inspire, respire

3‘the mud had sucked him in up to his waist’

draw, pull
engulf, swallow up, swamp

4‘young children can get sucked into a world of petty crime’

implicate in, involve in, draw into
informal mix up in

5‘I love your country but your weather sucks’

be very bad, be awful, be terrible, be dreadful, be horrible, be very unpleasant, be abhorrent, be despicable, be contemptible, be vile, be foul
British informal be pants, be a load of pants
informal stink


    suck dry

    ‘the country has been sucked dry by state bribery and gangland criminality’


    drain, exhaust, sap, deplete, deprive, milk, bleed, fleece, empty, reduce, squeeze

    suck up

    ‘they suck up to him, hanging on to his every word’


    grovel, creep, toady, be obsequious, be servile, be sycophantic, kowtow, bow and scrape, play up, truckle

    fawn on, curry favour with, dance attendance on


    bootlick, lick someone's boots, be all over, fall all over, butter up, rub up the right way, keep sweet

    British vulgar slang

    kiss someone's arse, lick someone's arse