Synonyms of take offence in English:

take offence

See definition of offence


1‘he went out, making it clear he'd taken offence’

be offended, feel offended, take exception, take something personally, be aggrieved, feel aggrieved, be affronted, feel affronted, take something amiss, take umbrage, be upset, feel upset, get upset, be annoyed, feel annoyed, get annoyed, be angry, feel angry, get angry, be indignant, feel indignant, be put out, feel put out, be insulted, feel insulted, be hurt, feel hurt, be wounded, feel wounded, feel piqued, be resentful, feel resentful, be disgruntled, feel disgruntled, get into a huff, go into a huff, get huffy
informal be miffed, feel miffed, have one's nose put out of joint, be riled, feel riled
British informal get the hump