Synonyms of taunt in English:


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1‘he would play truant rather than face the taunts of his classmates’

jeer, gibe, sneer, insult, barb, catcall, brickbat, scoff, slap in the face
teasing, taunting, provocation, goading, ridiculing, derision, mockery, sarcasm
informal dig, put-down
informal sledge


1‘the crowd taunted him about his marriage split’

jeer at, gibe at, sneer at, scoff at, poke fun at, make fun of, get at, insult, tease, chaff, torment, provoke, goad, ridicule, deride, mock, heckle
North American ride
informal rib, needle, put down, hassle, rag, guy
informal sledge
dated make sport of