Synonyms of temper in English:


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1‘Drew had walked out in a temper’

fit of rage, rage, fury, fit of bad temper, fit of ill temper, bad temper, tantrum, passion, paroxysm
fit of pique, bad mood, mood, pet, sulk
Northern English, Midlands English mard
informal grump, huff, snit
British informal strop, paddy
British informal, dated bate, wax, skid
North American informal blowout, hissy fit
archaic paddywhack, miff

2‘an uncharacteristic display of temper’

anger, fury, rage, annoyance, vexation, crossness, irascibility, irritation, irritability, ill humour, ill temper, dyspepsia, spleen, pique, petulance, peevishness, pettishness, testiness, tetchiness, snappishness, crabbiness, resentment, surliness, churlishness
air rage
British informal stroppiness
literary ire, choler

good humour

3‘she struggled to keep her temper’

composure, equanimity, self-control, self-possession, sangfroid, coolness, calm, calmness, tranquillity, good humour
informal cool

4‘he was of a placid temper’

temperament, disposition, nature, character, personality, make-up, constitution, mind, spirit, stamp, mettle, mould
mood, frame of mind, cast of mind, habit of mind, attitude
archaic humour, grain


1‘the steel is tempered by heat treatment’

harden, strengthen, toughen, fortify
technical anneal

2‘their idealism is tempered with realism’

moderate, modify, modulate
tone down, mitigate, palliate, alleviate, allay, assuage, lessen, reduce, weaken, lighten, soften, cushion


    lose one's temper

    ‘suddenly, Maria lost her temper’


    become very angry, fly into a rage, explode, blow up, erupt, lose control, go berserk, breathe fire, begin to rant and rave, flare up, boil over


    go mad, go crazy, go wild, go bananas, have a fit, see red, fly off the handle, blow one's top, blow a fuse, blow a gasket, do one's nut, hit the roof, go through the roof, go up the wall, go off the deep end, lose one's cool, go ape, flip, flip one's lid, lose one's rag, lose it, freak out, be fit to be tied, be foaming at the mouth, burst a blood vessel, get one's dander up, go non-linear

    British informal

    go spare, go crackers, throw a wobbly, get one's knickers in a twist

    North American informal

    flip one's wig

    Australian, New Zealand informal

    go crook

    vulgar slang

    go apeshit