Synonyms of through in English:


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1‘it takes about twenty-five minutes to get through the tunnel’

into and out of, to the far side of, to the other side of, from one side of … to the other, from end to end of, between, past, by, down, along, across, by way of, via
throughout, around in, all over

2‘he got the job through an advertisement’

by means of, by way of, by dint of, through the agency of, via, using, with the help of, with the aid of, with the assistance of, thanks to, under the aegis of, by virtue of, as a result of, as a consequence of, on account of, owing to, because of

3‘he worked through the night’

throughout, all through, for the duration of, to the end of, until the end of, during

4‘the exhibition is open Tuesday through Sunday’

up to and including, to … inclusive, from … to … inclusive


1‘cosmic rays strike against atoms in the atmosphere as they pass through’

from one side to the other, from one end to another, from end to end, from side to side, from top to bottom, in and out the other end, in and out the other side

2‘Victoria woke up, but Anthony slept through’

the whole time, all the time, from start to finish, without a break, without an interruption, uninterrupted, non-stop, continuously, constantly, throughout

3‘it was a struggle but we got through’

to the end, to the finish, to the termination, to the completion, to the culmination, to a successful conclusion


1‘are you through?’

finished, done, reached the end, completed, terminated
no longer involved with, no longer wanting anything to do with, tired of

2‘a through train’

without changes


    through and through

    ‘he was obviously a city kid through and through’


    in every respect, to the core

    thoroughly, utterly, downright, absolutely, completely, totally, wholly, fully, entirely, really, perfectly, profoundly, properly, consummately, surpassingly, positively, simply, unconditionally, unreservedly, categorically, incontrovertibly, unquestionably, undeniably, altogether, out-and-out