Synonyms of toilet in English:


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1‘he had to go to the toilet’

lavatory, WC, water closet, convenience, public convenience, facilities, urinal, privy, latrine, outhouse, earth closet, jakes
British cloakroom, the Ladies, the Gents, powder room
North American restroom, bathroom, washroom, men's room, ladies' room, comfort station
informal little girls' room, little boys' room, smallest room
British informal loo, bog, khazi, lav, throne, thunderbox, cottage
Northern English informal netty
North American informal can, john, honey bucket, tea room
Australian, New Zealand informal dunny, little house, dyke
vulgar slang pisser, crapper, shithouse, shitter
archaic closet, garderobe, necessary house

2‘she had always taken a long time over her toilet’

washing, bathing, showering
wash, bath, shower
grooming, dressing, make-up
formal, humorous ablutions
dated toilette
rare lavation, lustration