Synonyms of twitter in English:


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1‘sparrows twittered under the eaves’

chirp, chirrup, cheep, tweet, peep, chitter, chatter, trill, warble, sing

2‘oh, for heaven's sake stop twittering about Fabio’

prattle, babble, chatter, prate, gabble, jabber, go on, run on, rattle away, rattle on, yap, jibber-jabber, patter, blather, blether, blither, maunder, ramble, drivel
informal yak, yackety-yak, yabber, yatter
British informal witter, rabbit, chunter, natter, waffle
Scottish, Irish informal slabber
Australian, New Zealand informal mag
archaic twaddle, clack, twattle


1‘a bird's faint twitter’

chirp, chirping, chirrup, chirruping, cheep, cheeping, tweet, tweeting, peep, peeping, chitter, chittering, trill, trilling, warble, warbling
song, cry, call

2‘her non-stop twitter’

prattle, chatter, babble, talk, prating, gabble, jabber, blather, blether, rambling
informal yackety-yak, yabbering, yatter
British informal wittering, nattering, chuntering
archaic clack, twattle

3‘why are you in such a twitter?’

panic, frenzy, fluster, flutter, flurry, pother
informal tizz, tizzy, tiz-woz, state, sweat, stew, flap, dither
North American informal twit