Synonyms of unaccountable in English:


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1‘for some unaccountable reason, the horses drawing the cart stopped short’

inexplicable, unexplainable, insoluble, unsolvable, incomprehensible, beyond comprehension, beyond understanding, unfathomable, impenetrable, puzzling, perplexing, baffling, bewildering, mystifying, mysterious, arcane, inscrutable, peculiar, unusual, curious, strange, freak, freakish, unparalleled, queer, odd, bizarre, extraordinary, astonishing, obscure, abstruse, enigmatic
informal weird, fluky, freaky, spooky
British informal rum
North American informal off the wall, backasswards
archaic wildering

2‘the Council is literally unaccountable to anyone’

not responsible, unanswerable, not answerable, not liable
free, clear, exempt, immune
out of control, unsupervised

accountable, liable