Synonyms of valueless in English:


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1‘the watercolours turned out to be valueless’

worthless, of no value, of no financial value, of little value, of negligible value, trifling
inferior, substandard, second-rate, third-rate, poor-quality, low-quality, low-grade, cheap, shoddy, trashy, rubbishy, tawdry, gimcrack, twopenny-halfpenny, Brummagem
would fetch nothing

2‘their efforts were valueless’

pointless, useless, to no purpose, no use, of no use, unprofitable, profitless, futile, vain, in vain, to no avail, to no effect, fruitless, senseless, unproductive, purposeless, idle, worthless, ineffective, unavailing, nugatory, unrewarding, thankless
archaic bootless