Synonyms of wall in English:


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1‘solid brick walls’

barrier, partition, room divider, enclosure, screen, panel, separator
dam, dyke

2‘an ancient city wall’

fortification, rampart, barricade, parapet, bulwark, stockade, bailey, breastwork

3‘we will work to break down the walls that stop world trade’

obstacle, barrier, barricade, fence
impediment, hindrance, block, check


1‘the tenements walled in the space completely’

enclose, bound, encircle, confine, hem, circumscribe, close, shut, fence
separate, partition

2‘one doorway had been walled up’

block, seal, close, brick up


    go to the wall

    ‘thousands of businesses are expected to go to the wall this year’


    fail, collapse, go bankrupt, become insolvent, go into receivership, go into liquidation, crash, fold, fold up, go under, founder, be ruined, cave in

    go broke, go bust, go bump, go belly up, come a cropper, flop

    drive someone up the wall

    ‘each one had some irritating habit that drove him up the wall’


    enrage, incense, anger, infuriate, madden, inflame, antagonize, make someone's blood boil, make someone's hackles rise, rub up the wrong way, ruffle someone's feathers, ruffle, peeve

    annoy, irritate, exasperate, irk, vex, put out, provoke, pique, gall, displease


    drive crazy, drive mad, make someone see red, get someone's back up, get someone's dander up, get someone's goat, get under someone's skin, get up someone's nose, rattle someone's cage

    aggravate, get someone, needle, bug, nettle, rile, miff, hack off

    British informal

    wind up, get at, nark, get across, get on someone's wick

    North American informal

    tee off, tick off, burn up, gravel

    vulgar slang

    piss off

    informal, dated

    give someone the pip



    off the wall

    ‘an off-the-wall cable television programme’

    North American informal

    eccentric, zany, far out, freakish, quirky, idiosyncratic, unconventional, unorthodox, weird, outlandish, offbeat, off-centre, bizarre, strange, unfamiliar



    way-out, wacky, freaky, kooky, screwy, kinky, oddball, cranky

    North American informal

    in left field



    go up the wall

    ‘this causes the dog to go up the wall and bark his head off’


    lose one's temper, lose control, become enraged, go into a rage, fly into a passion, fly into a temper, boil over, boil over with rage, flare up, fire up, go berserk, throw a tantrum, explode


    blow one's top, fly off the handle, lose one's cool, get mad, go crazy, go wild, go bananas, hit the roof, go through the roof, see red, go off the deep end, blow a fuse, blow a gasket, lose one's rag, go ape, burst a blood vessel, flip, flip one's lid, foam at the mouth, get all steamed up, get worked up, have a fit

    British informal

    go spare, go crackers, do one's nut, get one's knickers in a twist, throw a wobbly

    North American informal

    flip one's wig, blow one's lid, blow one's stack, have a cow, go postal, have a conniption fit

    vulgar slang

    go apeshit