Synonyms of woman in English:


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1‘a car drew up and two women got out’

lady, girl, member of the fair sex, member of the gentle sex, female
matron, dowager
Scottish, Northern English lass, lassie
Irish colleen
Australian yorga
informal chick, girly, filly, biddy
British informal bird, bint, popsy
Scottish, Northern English informal besom, wifie
North American informal dame, broad, gal, jane, sister
Australian, New Zealand informal sheila
British informal, dated Judy
North American informal, dated frail
humorous the female of the species
derogatory piece, bit, mare, baggage
offensive bitch
literary maid, maiden, damsel, demoiselle
archaic, humorous wench
archaic gentlewoman, petticoat

2‘apparently he's found himself a new woman’

girlfriend, girl, sweetheart, partner, significant other, inamorata, fiancée
wife, spouse, helpmate, helpmeet, consort
lover, mistress, paramour
informal bird, fancy woman, old lady, missus, missis, better half, other half, WAGs, wives and girlfriends, POSSLQ, person of the opposite sex sharing living quarters, queen
British informal Dutch, her indoors, girlf
Irish informal mot
North American informal squeeze, patootie
Australian informal dona
Indian informal bibi
British rhyming slang trouble and strife
dated lady friend, lady love, young lady, lady, lady wife
archaic leman, doxy, concubine

3‘her daily woman was due to arrive any minute’

cleaning woman, cleaner, domestic help, domestic, maid
British dated charwoman, char
British informal daily, Mrs Mop