Traducción de asombrar en inglés


to amaze, v.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to amaze
    to astonish
    me dejó asombrada I was stunned / amazed / astonished
    • me asombra que lo haya sabido I'm amazed / astonished that he knew it
    • asombra la perseverancia con que trabaja the perseverance with which he works is quite astonishing / amazing / incredible
    • me asombró su violenta reacción I was astonished / stunned / taken aback by his violent reaction
    • aunque sea muy normal a mí no deja de asombrarme it may be quite normal but I still find it astonishing / incredible / amazing

verbo pronominal

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    to be astonished
    to be amazed
    asombrarse de/por/con algo