Translation of aunque in English:


although, conj.

Definition of although ( US English | UK English )

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  • 1

    (refiriéndose a hechos)
    • 1.1

      aunque llegamos tarde conseguimos entradas although / even though we got there late we managed to get tickets
      • por lo menos antes se oía; aunque mal, se oía at least before you could hear it, not very well, but you could hear it
      • es simpático, aunque algo tímido he's very likable, if somewhat shy
      • le dije que sí, aunque la verdad es que no tengo ganas de ir I said yes, although / though to be quite honest I don't feel like going

    • 1.2(respondiendo a una objeción)

      aunque a ti no te guste, es muy bonito you may not like it, but it's very pretty
      • es millonario, aunque no lo parezca he's a millionaire though he may not look it
      • aunque no lo creas sacó la mejor nota believe it or not she got the best marks

  • 2

    (refiriéndose a posibilidades, hipótesis)
    even if
    come lo que te sirvan, aunque no te guste eat whatever you're given, even if you don't like it
    • mándales unas flores, aunque sea at least send them some flowers
    • dale aunque más no sea unos pesos at least give him a few pesos