Translation of avisar in English:


transitive verb

  • 1

    ¿por qué no me avisaste que venías? why didn't you let me know / tell me you were coming?
    • nos han avisado que van a cortar el agua they've notified us that they're going to cut the water off
  • 2Spain, Mexico

    to call
    avisar al médico/a la policía to call the doctor/the police
  • 3

    (de un peligro)
    le avisaron que venía la policía they warned him that the police were coming

intransitive verb

  • 1

    avisarle a algn de algo to let sb know about sth
    to tell sb about sth
    formal to inform sb of sth
    formal to notify sb of sth
    llegó sin avisar she showed up without any prior warning / unexpectedly / out of the blue
    • avísame cuando acabes let me know when you've finished
    • ¿le han avisado a la familia? has the family been told / notified / informed?