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Other words for dear

masculine noun

  • 1

    • 1.1(afecto)

      le tengo mucho cariño a este anillo I'm very fond of / attached to this ring
      • siento muchísimo cariño por ella I have a great affection / fondness for her
      • te ha tomado mucho cariño he's become very fond of you
      • te lo presto, pero trátalo con cariño I'll lend it to you, but take good care of it
      • cuando la veas dale mis cariños give her my love when you see her
      • cariños por tu casa/a tu mujer (send my) love to your family/your wife
      • niños sedientos de cariño children starved of affection
      • cariños, Beatriz love, Beatriz

    • 1.2Latin America (caricia)

      hágale un cariñito a su tía give your aunt a hug (or kiss etc.)
      • no pierden la ocasión de hacerse cariño they never miss a chance to have a little cuddle (or a hug and a kiss etc.)

    • 1.3(como apelativo)

      love British
      no llores cariño don't cry, dear

  • 2Chile informal

    (pequeño obsequio)
    es solo un cariño it's just a little something